Fero’s production-based systems and staff are available for a multitude of contract product assembly and sub assembly projects. We work with manufacturers to provide integrated solutions or products – supplying wire and components, integrated PCBs, total assembly and electrical testing.

We draw on our experience in manufacturing, product sourcing, design and automation to minimise costs and drive supply efficiency.

Control & Power Systems

We deliver complex Control boxes and Control Panels for a number of our clients that need consistently high quality solutions to control their products in often quite hostile environments.


As supply and labour costs continue to rise globally, the need for consistent high quality delivery has never been greater. Fero has partnered with various businesses to develop automated outsourced solutions to their needs, thereby guaranteeing both quality and cost over the the medium and long term.

Fero has invested heavily in delivering machine-led repeatability. It’s in-house robotic automation and bespoke processes ensure delivery of a consistent quality and quantity output.

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Automation Consultancy

Fero partners closely with a number of it’s clients to provide advice and consultancy on automating processes and delivering repeatability using resources and supplies delivered through Fero.

Automated Supply

Fero has developed its own in-house automation in order to deliver consistent, repeated products to many of its clients – maintaining a trusted outsourced supply chain that clients can trust.

Client Focus – Temperzone

We’ve been working with Temperzone for the last 21 years, providing complex design engineering and prototyping services that allow them to focus on core business with the confidence that their bespoke looms are going to be fit for purpose, high quality, and developed in parallel with new product development.

Supporting Australasian manufacturers to compete on the world stage with sustainable local manufacture.

The leading Contract Wire Harness and Product Manufacturer in Australasia with over 25 Years experience operating bases in both New Zealand and Samoa.