“Overcoming hurdles and going the extra mile
is what we do every day, here at Fero.”

About Fero

Fero is a highly innovative Australasian company offering integrated wire technology solutions, wiring looms, component supply, sub assembly and manufacturing solutions for manufacturers throughout the World. Working with clients in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Fero has built an enviable reputation in providing supply chain management efficiencies.

FERO offers customers a unique blend of manufacturing, assembly and supply chain solutions delivered out of its bases in Auckland and Samoa. Fero consistently scores high praise for its partnership approach and ability to upscale as clients needs grow.

Businesses growing fast

We help businesses that are seeing exponential growth and need to outsource some aspects of their manufacturing in order to keep up with demand. Through our solutions, businesses are able to increase capacity, using the same resources, to focus on continued growth of core capabilities.

These business look to Fero to provide efficiencies in their manufacturing design, in their material/component sourcing, and inventory management.

Businesses needing a more flexible approach

We help businesses that need a more flexible approach to their materials and sub assembly supply. Disappointed with supply from China, these business are working with us to deliver a more flexible solution based on a mix of both on-shore and off-shore manufacturing and assembly.

We provide businesses with an improved supply chain based on their need for lower MOQs, complex wiring and assembly solutions or their need for high volume and fast scalability.

Businesses needing a consistent high-quality solution

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality solutions, both in terms of parts used and in our quality control systems that achieve the highest standards. We don't simply supply to client specifications but always look to provide advice and guidance on how wire harnesses can be improved to ensure we reach the highest industry standards for quality.

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Client Focus – ABB

We’ve been working with ABB for the last 10 years, delivering them a range of production solutions for flexible Lead Times, MOQs and design change.

Supporting Australasian manufacturers to compete on the world stage with sustainable local manufacture.

The leading Contract Wire Harness and Product Manufacturer in Australasia with over 25 Years experience operating bases in both New Zealand and Samoa.