Our Solutions

Just like a customer’s businesses there is no one size fits all solution to what we offer, here at Fero.

With over 20 years of experience, we have a unique understanding of the manufacturing process and how to deliver greater efficiencies. In achieving this we provide solutions and services across the following key areas to clients throughout the world.


With over 20 years’ engineering experience, customers often approach Fero to provide engineering consultancy and alternative thinking. Our unique ability to think outside the square using a broad multi-skilled team means we often find new and better ways to solve manufacturing problems and deliver great efficiencies.

Supply Chain Management

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver effective Supply Chain Management. In doing this we often reduce component costs, improve supply and free up resources in-house. As specialists in Supply Chain Management we can often deliver a much better, more efficient and more accountable service than that provided by in-house resources. 

Testing and Quality Control

Quality is at the heart of all we do. We have an expectation that our products enhance the overall quality of our customers products. We invest a lot of time and resource into ensuring that our quality processes are going to deliver to the very highest standard of our customers requirements.

Wire Harness Assembly

Over the past 5 years, Fero has become a key supplier to the automotive after market assembly industry within Australasia , delivering a brand range of assembly efficiencies through its complex wiring solutions. 

The leading Contract Wire Harness and Product Manufacturer in Australasia with over 25 Years experience operating bases in both New Zealand and Samoa.