Fero provides flexible manufacturing solutions for technological manufacturing companies. We are experts in wire solutions and process improvement solutions.


At FERO we provide a range of contract manufacturing services for our clients.

We source raw materials and components both here and offshore to get the right mix of quality, pricing and specification and then utilise them in providing you with outsourced manufacturing and assembly.
We understand that your business and product is unique and that an off-the-shelf solution might not be the best solution so we have the experience and the expertise to custom design the right wiring solution for your needs.
At Fero, we have the machinery and expertise to join, cut, strip, crimp, cover, test and assemble your wiring needs to very specific requirements and to a very high consistent quality. We utilise a range of machines to get your job done better, faster and more cost effectively. Our QA processes ensure a consistently high quality output with a number of specific testing procedures utilised across each and every project.
We react quickly and efficiently to ECNs, ensuring you get the right solution, every time.



Fero has built a network of effective supplier relationships throughout the World.

Fero is in the unique position to offer clients assembly and sub-assembly expertise from their production and manufacturing base in Samoa. It is a world class facility that provides a product and service in the South Pacific. The team that is established is hugely experienced in wire harness manufacture and highly trained in lean manufacturing techniques that ensure high levels of quality and productive delivery. To learn more on Fero Samoa click HERE
Our senior staff visit our facilities on a regular basis to qualify and audit our supply chain. We attend international trade shows to keep up-to-date on developments with industry suppliers. Several of our key suppliers have visited our facility in Mt Wellington and understand the specific requirements of New Zealand manufacturers.



Consistent repetition is the key to perfect supply, and the key to our customers’ success.

Within our manufacturing and assembly facility we have invested heavily in automation equipment, both standardised machinery built for purpose as well as customisable robotic automation that can be adapted and programmed for a range of unique requirements.
We have multiple machines that can cut, crimp, strip, join and count. It’s their ability to work quickly, repetitively and consistently that ensures we supply quality solutions each and every time.
As part of our own process of Continuous Improvement, we constantly review our in-house processes to ensure we’re working efficiently and delivering the best solutions we can to our customers. In this way we strive to always reduce our costs and pass these savings on to our customers where possible.We maintain a constant service programme for all our automation equipment to ensure it works consistently and continuously, which means it, and we, won’t let you down.




Our capabilities include:

  • Partial or turnkey assembly
  • Design and manufacture to customer specification
  • Modifications and alterations
  • Light mechanical assembly
  • Project management



Fero produces short and long runs of wiring harnesses that vary from simple to very complex, to suit many industries.

We can provide any of the following for your wiring loom solutions

  • Automatic cutting, stripping, crimping twisting and tinning
  • Automatic double crimping, including two different wires
  • Multi-core cable handling
  • Automatic post insulator insertion and or termination

Our wire harness processes include:

  • Short run assembly
  • Crimp force analysis
  • complex loom assembly
  • Excellent quality assurance
  • Electronic testing facilities
  • Best practices for quality and consistency
  • UL Accreditation



Fero’s production-based systems and staff are available for a multitude of assembly and sub assembly projects. We provide contract assembly services to a number of customers. From a sub assembly perspective we provide custom cable assemblies including connections to plugs, pcb’s and other items.
We work with manufacturers to provide integrated solutions or products – supplying wire and components, integrated PCBs, total assembly and electrical testing.
We continue to grow in providing full assembly services to clients, taking individual elements and assembling them all into a finished product ready for sale. We draw on our manufacturing, product sourcing, design and automation expertise to minimise costs and drive supply efficiency.



Fero has developed long-standing trade relationships with a number of cable manufacturers in New Zealand and off shore. We’re able to provide our customers with custom cable solutions, integrating electrical cables with plugs, pcb’s and other elements to increase manufacturing efficiencies.
Fero manufactures and imports powerleads, wire harnesses, wire sets and cable assemblies. Our engineers can assist with design and work closely with customers to provide innovative manufacturing solutions. We test and assemble to the highest standards, understanding that quality and consistency are vital to our customers’ success.


Fero’s Moldman 4000 low-pressure injection molding machine uses Henkel’s Macromelt® materials to provide gentle over molding and encapsulation for delicate electronic components.
The innovative, modified, thermoplastic, polyamide, hot melts are made especially for low-pressure molding and are a cost effective alternative to epoxy potting.

  • Designed for prototyping and production runs – it’s output is scalable from just a few hundred to tens of thousands.
  • Typically one or two cavities (depending on part size)
  • Fully independent adjustable process control
  • Precisely metered shot sizes
  • Accurately control flow rates
  • Exact pressure control
  • Patented permanent nozzle engagement




This is a key area of Fero’s future, because we believe we have the skills, labour, and machinery to develop ideas into finished manufactured products.

It all starts with an idea, and belief. If you’ve got the idea then come and persuade us to believe in you. We’ll help you create and manufacture a prototype and then we’ll help you turn that prototype into a commercially viable, commercially manufactured product. Through our experience in Collaborative Manufacturing, we can not only manufacture your product, but also take that product to market.

We understand the need to find a partner that’s big enough to deliver yet small enough to care. We’ll work in partnership with you, scaling and developing our solution as your needs change and grow and your product develops.
We want to partner with like-mined businesses that want to see NZ manufacturing succeed on the world stage. And for the right business, we’ll throw all we have at making your idea a success!



Rapid Turnaround

We provide an integrated design layout with automated wire processing to create a more efficient supply

Easy Maintenance

We provide automated wire labelling / identification making on-going maintenance a breeze


We drive cost savings by providing fully documented processes which allow for assembly cost-downs


We have developed rigorous in-house processes to fully test all circuitry