Fero is New Zealand’s leading manufacturing solutions provider of wiring and assembly requirements for the technology sector.

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We believe sustainable local manufacture should thrive and that NZ manufacturers should be leaders on the world stage. We focus on manufacturing automation, process improvement and design thinking and we commit to delivering the highest quality solutions to those companies we choose to work with. We’re successful because we ensure that the following values lie at the core of all we do.



We design and create innovative solutions for our clients using wire technology and by focusing on manufacturing automation and process improvement.
We bring a broad range of experience to all our solutions, having worked across several industry sectors. We love to share and use our knowledge in order to create change refine processes and deliver new product development.
We understand manufacturing and the need to be adaptive and flexible at all times. We strive to always make it easy to do business with us and we ensure that we always maintain the production capacity to be adaptive when required.
High quality and reliability are crucial to the hi tech manufacturing process. Our customers rely on us and that’s why we’re consistent in all we do, delivering on-time and to budget.
We work together as a team to deliver our solutions, collaborating with all key stakeholders to ensure success and valuing long term customer relationships over and above short term profitability.




  • Fero Samoa Turns One! It’s hard to believe that Fero Samoa turns one in November and I think it’s fair to say it has been a great year.   Back in 2017 when we heard about the closure of OE manufacturing a simple idea was sown. Who knew that this idea would grow into the success it has today. Not only ...


We have the in-house capability to deliver local solutions as well as off shore relationships to manage larger volumes
With a total of 60 staff we’re big enough to deliver yet still small enough to care – and we think that’s really important, because it means we can ramp up production quickly.
Staying flexible and being adaptive to your unique needs is how we’ve stayed successful and why many of our clients stay with us for years.Our key decision makers are working day to day in the business, reducing red tape and the lead times on decisions.
We constantly review, adapt and improve our process efficiencies to ensure we’re giving our clients the very best service and the most efficient solutions we can. We invest in automation machinery wherever possible, to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency.