Fero has a very wide range of suppliers of raw materials – in fact a total of 174 worldwide! This range of suppliers means that we can:

  • Source quickly if needed, from suppliers with stock either locally or from offshore using airfreight
  • Source very specific and application appropriate material
  • Source on cost basis from best cost suppliers
  • Source on MOQ basis to obtain smaller amounts
  • Direct source to ensure quality and consistency
  • Source alternate parts so that we are not having to buy original parts that can be subject to long lead times, high cost and high MOQ
  • Secure the supply chain with multiple suppliers so that we ‘re not at risk if one falls over

Monitoring and Safety Wire Cables and Harnesses


Fero works with companies around the world to help monitor air quality, water levels and even to tell you when a tsunami is coming or your house is on fire.

Medical Custom Cabling Solutions


If you’re visiting a new born in hospital or need help to stop snoring, Fero products even help to keep your blood at the right temperature. We find our service levels also stop clients’ blood from boiling over!

Signage - custom power and lighting cabling


We playing our part in helping to illuminate the Coke Swirl, on of the biggest brands in the world. You will see Fero’s work many times a day, if you know what you’re looking for!

Power Management Wire Looms


From power factoring to soft starting, we ‘re supplying some pretty big players in the world market. If you are using a cell phone today you can be safe in the knowledge that Fero’s wire looms helped to ensure that the manufacture of that product was to the highest quality.

Lighting - wire and cable power and control


One of Fero’s largest areas of expertise is in lighting. From power to control, LED to lamps we have been working with New Zealand and Australia’s major lighting manufacturers for over a decade, proving not only our expertise but also our service.

Bespoke Broadcast cabling solutions


Sky TV is one of Fero’s longest standing customers and together we have developed a number of products that keep the news, sport, movies and your favourite drama beaming into your home.

Appliance wire harnesses


Covering a broad range of products this is the bread and butter of our operation. Fero wire harnesses are in everything from commercial kitchens cooking your favourite fast food, to the gas fires that heat your home. The air conditioning on your office building and the airport baggage handling system you may use on your holiday all use Fero products and assemblies.

Agricultural power cabling


With a strong background in agriculture, Fero is a key supplier to all the major agricultural manufacturers in the country. From RFID, weigh scales and energizers through to milking sheds, frost protection and haymaking, we have it covered and much more.

Miltary overmolded products and wire looms


We have suppliers who stock the full a wide range of MilSpec materials. We have a number of military customers in Australasia who we’re supplying with everything from overmolded products to custom wire looms.

Fero Marine Looms


Fero looms are powering ferries, military craft and personal craft worldwide. We are also providing the connectivity for the navigation lights to ensure that these craft get to where they are going safely, an important role no-one can afford to get wrong.

Automotive Looms


From truck lights to trailer looms, buses to emergency vehicles you will see Fero looms in many automotive applications. The automotive industry is highly compliance driven, with high quality requirements and tight tolerances. From supplying OEM components to compliant looms, we do the lot.

We regularly audit our main suppliers to ensure quality and consistency. Also, we ensure that they’re ethical companies in terms of their labour conditions, responsibly sourcing minerals, conforming to international standards, and a number of other requirements.

We can use any raw materials that a customer specifies, however we do recommend developing component and material specifications in conjunction with Fero so that we can help to specify parts that are easily sourced, not subject to delay in production, are cost effective, are available in low MOQs and are application specific.

A list of commonly used raw materials and wire connectors that we use, but are in no way limited to:

Common wires types:

UL1569 Wire UL1015 Wire UL10141 Wire UL3135 Wire UL3584 Wire AH90 Appliance Wire

Common connector/terminal manufacturers:

Molex Connectors NZTe connectivityUtilux Power ProductsJST Interconnection productsDeutsch Wire ConnectorsWago electrical interconnect and automation solutionsHarwin Connectors

SumitomoYazaki ConnectorsPhoenix Contact  industrial connection technology, automation technology, electronic Interface systems and surge protectionAmphenol ConnectorsApp - Anderson Power Products - high power wire connectorsCPC for quick disconnect couplings, fittings and tube connectorsHRS hirose electrical connectors