Important news from Fero

February 28, 2017

Important news from Fero

We are aware that after the announcement to the market yesterday of the liquidation of TradeTech NZ that there is some confusion as to how this relates to Fero.

Prior to 2014 Fero incorporated TradeTech and Wire Solutions.  In 2014 Fero sold TradeTech NZ to a private operator.  At this time Fero and TradeTech became completely separate entities with no common ownership or other interests.  Both companies are operating in different sectors of the market and providing different services.


As separate entities Fero is in no way effected by the liquidation of TradeTech. 


We do have some common customers, and some of those customers are unclear on how the businesses are structured and owned.  This has caused some confusion in the market, of which we would like to clear up.  Fero is a business that has seen significant growth since 2014 and is very secure in its operations.  We have a strong future supporting New Zealand Manufacturers and helping to ensure that the local manufacturing sector remains strong.  2017 looks to be a very exciting year for Fero with a number of new initiatives that we will be introducing to support our customers and to continue to support manufacturing in New Zealand.


If there are any questions or uncertainties I am always happy to discuss.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at


July 15, 2015

Supply Chain Management | Getting the best of both worlds

As many of you already know, Fero’s been gaining a few column inches recently, talking to the press about the moves that many companies are making in bringing their product sourcing and manufacturing back to New Zealand. We’re passionate about New Zealand manufacturing, so of course it’s a trend we’re delighted to see. Not just because it helps our bottom line, but also because it’s simply the RIGHT thing to do. The arguments for and the perceived saving from manufacturing in China often don’t stack up.


Automated wire crimpingBUT, all this does not mean that China is not a great option for certain businesses to source from and that there are not some fantastic benefits to be had by dealing with Chinese suppliers.


Our model does provide for a mix of supply. We know that it is hard to do business in China. We have been sourcing and manufacturing product there for more than 12 years now and we still are faced with significant frustrations.


We have built up solid relationships with our partners in China, and employ Chinese speaking staff, here in Auckland, to discuss our requirements with their Chinese counterparts. We source products from there, on behalf of our clients, taking responsibility for the supply chain and ensuring that products are delivered on time and in spec.


If events conspire against us and there are issues in the Chinese supply chain, then we can step in and deliver locally until the situation is resolved.


The model that we have developed allows us to use our knowledge and experience to find the best supply option on or off shore, often a mix of both. By linking the best in local manufacture with the best in offshore supply we are able to manage a customers total manufacturing requirements. We can easily cover the larger run, low cost, stable product, whilst balancing against requirements for short leadtime, low MOQ, and changing specs.


Greg and Sam Fulton | Directors at FeroOur customers feedback to us that it enables them to have total faith in supply, whilst also getting very competitive pricing. With Fero managing the process, we ensure customers a secure supply chain, take responsibility for delivery, and ensure the flexibility that manufacturers require.

For those customers who found China just too hard, we can step in to manage the process, giving them the benefits of Chinese manufacturing, whilst outsourcing the headaches.