The Team Vibe@Fero

The Team Vibe@Fero


 Fero’s staff make the difference.

We firmly believe that there’s a direct correlation between contented staff and happy customers. Recently we invested in getting some feedback from our team on how they were feeling about working at Fero. We’re sharing these results with you because we believe it sets us apart from many of our competitors, and explains why and how we do such a great job.


Happy staff care about the work they do. They enjoy coming to work and are interested and motivated to do well, and to see the company do well as a result.


Happy staff stay with companies for longer, and that experience provides a better service to customers.

54% of staff have been with us over 3 years


Over half of our staff have been with us for over 3 years – that’s a huge amount of experience that we’re able to plough back into the work we do for our customers, whether assembling wiring looms on our production line or our engineering team collaborating on design blueprints. This result is even more exceptional when you consider how fast Fero has grown – in the last 3 years we have increased our workforce from 40 to 60!


85 satisfied85% of our staff said they were satisfied with working at Fero and 87% said they were satisfied in their role within the company. A massive 90% said they backed us in the journey towards even greater success and are motivated to see us grow. We like to recognise the good work of our staff, and it’s obviously working as 78% feel satisfied with the recognition they receive at work.





Any army needs good leaders. 85% felt that our senior managers demonstrate a commitment to quality, which should be reflected in the completed work you receive from us. 82% felt very happy with their manager, whilst 76% felt valued by their direct supervisor.



When we asked our team what one thing they loved about working at Fero, here’s what they had to say!

What do you love about working at Fero


We’re delighted with the results of the survey, and we’ll be running it each year in order to measure how we’re doing against this benchmark. We’d like to say to all our staff for making Fero a great place to work, and for continuing to deliver exceptional work to our customers.


Thank You









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