Source and Manufacturing in China

At Fero we provide a range of contract managed manufacturing services for our clients both here in NZ and offshore, assisting them in manufacturing in China

Fero has a large manufacturing base in Auckland that produces many wire looms and cables. We are lucky enough to be able to offer certain clients the ability to manufacture both here and offshore, creating the ultimate in production flexibility. This enables them to take advantage of the high volumes and offshore cost savings whilst still having the reliability of producing locally too when volumes are smaller or when demand drives it.

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Fero has built a network of effective supplier relationships throughout Asia.

Contract manufacturing, automated manufacturing systems with Fero
We have factories in China and Taiwan who are constantly processing large runs of custom cables, wire harnesses and looms for our customers. It would be easy for us to see the Asian market as a threat to our business, but we actually see them as very much a part of our business and we work actively with offshore suppliers to integrate them with some of our own customers.
Our senior staff visit our Asian facilities on a regular basis to qualify and audit our supply chain. We attend international trade shows to keep up-to-date on developments with industry suppliers. Several of our key Chinese suppliers have visited our facility in Mt Wellington and understand the specific requirements of New Zealand manufacturers.
We have solid relationships with our factories in China and are able to source products and manufacture them like we would back in NZ. We have staff that speak daily with China and we go over to China on a regular basis.


Rapid Turnaround

We provide an integrated design layout with automated wire processing to create a more efficient supply

Easy Maintenance

We provide automated wire labeling / identification making on-going maintenance a breeze


We drive cost savings by providing fully documented processes which allow for assembly cost-downs


We have developed rigorous in-house processes to fully test all circuitry