Wire Harnessing

Fero provides flexible solutions for all manufacturing companies. We are experts in wire solutions, process improvement solutions, sourcing and assembly work.


Fero produces short and long runs of wiring harnesses that vary from simple to very complex, to suit many industries.

Cost Effective, scalable Wiring Harness/ Wiring Loom & Wire harness solutions from Fero

We can provide any of the following for your wiring loom solutions

  • Automatic cutting, stripping, crimping twisting and tinning
  • Automatic double crimping, including two different wires
  • Multi-core cable handling
  • Automatic post insulator insertion and or termination

Our wire harness processes include:

  • Short run assembly
  • Crimp force analysis
  • complex loom assembly
  • Excellent quality assurance
  • Electronic testing facilities
  • Best practices for quality and consistency
  • UL Accreditation


Rapid Turnaround

We provide an integrated design layout with automated wire processing to create a more efficient supply

Easy Maintenance

We provide automated wire labeling / identification making on-going maintenance a breeze


We drive cost savings by providing fully documented processes which allow for assembly cost-downs


We have developed rigorous in-house processes to fully test all circuitry