Low-Pressure Injection Molding


Fero provides flexible manufacturing solutions for technological manufacturing companies. We are experts in wire solutions and process improvement solutions.


Fero’s Moldman 4000 low-pressure injection molding machine uses Henkel’s Macromelt® materials to provide gentle over molding and encapsulation for delicate electronic components.
The innovative, modified, thermoplastic, polyamide, hot melts are made especially for low-pressure molding and are a cost effective alternative to epoxy potting.

Low-Pressure Injection Molding Solutions from Fero
  • Designed for prototyping and production runs – it’s output is scalable from just a few hundred to tens of thousands.
  • Typically one or two cavities (depending on part size)
  • Fully independent adjustable process control
  • Precisely metered shot sizes
  • Accurately control flow rates
  • Exact pressure control
  • Patented permanent nozzle engagement


Rapid Turnaround

We provide an integrated design layout with automated wire processing to create a more efficient supply

Easy Maintenance

We provide automated wire labelling / identification making on-going maintenance a breeze


We drive cost savings by providing fully documented processes which allow for assembly cost-downs


We have developed rigorous in-house processes to fully test all circuitry