Molding Machines

Fero is delighted to be the sole distributor of Optimel Hotmelt low pressure moulding machines in New Zealand.

“We’ve been using an Optimel Hotmelt moulding machine for the past three years. It’s fast, economical to use and there’s little chance of damaging delicate components. We were so delighted with its performance that we decided to become agents for these machines in New Zealand.”

Sam Fulton, Sales and Marketing Director

Examples of Hotmelt Moulding Machines

Why Hotmelt low pressure moulding?

Why choose an Optimel moulding machine?

The Optimel Range

The Series100 is designed for the manufacture of individual samples and pre-series products. It features a maximum processing temperature of 250 degrees centigrade.

The Series 600/700 is designed for small production requirements using small to medium sized components. It features a maximum melting capacity of around 1kg/hour.

The Series 1200 provides a cost effective solution for medium to large moulding requirements, It features a toggle-lever closing system which is pneumatic and therefor easy to operate. It will met up  to 15kg/hour.

The Series 2000 is the largest of the Hotmelt machines, and features the highest retaining force of 38kN as well as options to adapt  the unit with a geared pump or extruder unit.

All Optimel Hotmelt moulding machines use a thermoplastic product called Technomelt which Fero is an Agent for in New Zealand. It features clean processing properties, with no solvent or toxic component release during use.

If you would like more information on Optimel’s Hotmelt moulding machines, then please call Sam Fulton on 09 274 0104, or click here to send through an enquiry.