Interselect’s Selective Soldering Machines

Interselect’s Selective Soldering Machines


An increasing number of businesses are needing more accuracy, greater flexibility and a higher throughput in their soldering requirements. It’s a tough challenge, but InterSelect’s selective soldering systems are designed to meet that challenge, whilst still remaining cost-effective.

Fero is delighted to be distributing these machines in NZ.


“From the beginning InterSelect have been listening to their customers, and it is because of this InterSelect are in a leading position when it comes to customer satisfaction, quality, and performance.”

Sam Fulton, Sales and Marketing Director.

InterSelect’s selective soldering machines integrate new technologies such as:

  • Laser solder-wave monitoring.
  • Adaptive wave height correction.
  • PCB warpage Control.
  • Precision X,Y,  Z-axis control.

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Greater Control throughout the process.


InterSelect’s selective soldering solution achieves unprecedented levels of accuracy and consistency.


Pyrometer control and heat-profiling make the thoroughness with which these systems work visible throughout the entire process. All data can be read straight from the machines impressive 19inch monitor, then saved and exported (through the network or USB stick) for the purposes of traceability. It’s that simple.


The IS-PhotoScan software solder programs can be designed completely independent from the machine’s location, on any PC or laptop without having to stop production or even being on the machine. To describe the design software as user friendly is an understatement. From a simple photo upload, to a click and drag, to entering basic parameters, this is by far the easiest piece of programming software you will ever use.


All InterSelect machines have a MicroDrop Jet Fluxer which provides precise drop by drop flux application. The Fluxer can process both individual points as well as entire lines at once. The flux quantity of any droplet is precisely metered and adjusted. Thus, the flux application can be adapted precisely to the requirements of each solder joint. Through the selective flux wetting, in contrast to the traditional “wet the entire circuit board” wave solder approach, the flux consumption is drastically reduced and the contamination by flux residues is minimized.


Monitoring the fluxing stream and counting every individual drop increases efficiency and consistency. The Flux-Control can operate in various modes, as a simple drop-counter or as a position check of the drop on the PCB, and more.

Selective Soldering Machines

Inline or Offline – You Choose.


InterSelects selective soldering machines are available as inline or offline systems. The modular design of inline systems allow the system to be matched exactly to the requirements of the assemblies. Machines with multiple solder pots allow the benefits of using different alloys and switching from one to another without effort – just by a software click!


Producing more assemblies in less time is no longer a problem with the multi-wave technology. If it has to be even faster the IS-I-460 modular systems and parallel modular systems leave nothing to be desired. Several soldering , flux-and preheater-modules can be connected in series so that the system can be scaled as per the output requirement.


In some cases customers need an efficient way of dealing with low-med volume, but on various different boards. This is where InterSelect’s standalone offline system comes into its own, as it combines:

  • Small machine footprints (from 1m2 floor space).
  • Universal PCB frame for large printed circuit boards.
  • Flexible equipment options.


The intelligent design of the offline machines and carefully selected automation features enable professional results in a selective soldering process with minimal effort. In a production environment with cell production, InterSelect’s standalone offline systems can be seamlessly integrated. Thanks to pre-assembled 2-way handling, a PCB can be prepared, while a second PCB is already being processed (fluxed, preheated, and soldered). The boards are loaded and unloaded at the same point so in most cases you will only need a single operator.


Nitrogen supply is a necessary component in selective soldering, and InterSelect have a range of Nitrogen generators available to suit the any one of their machines. The Nitrogen generators incorporate pressure swing absorption technology which enables a supply of purity up to 99.999% (5.0 Grade). Take a look here for more details.


F&P Healthcare, who are a world leader in medical equipment manufacture, are the first in New Zealand to use InterSelects selective soldering machinery, and they are genuinely impressed by its overall performance, and ease of use.


All machines come with a standard 1 year warranty (with options of extending) and are proudly serviced locally by Fero ltd.


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