Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering MachineFero is the sole distributor of InterSelect Selective Soldering machines and solutions here in New Zealand. We’re able to offer a broad range of some of the best soldering systems in the world.





These machines feature new technologies, such as laser solder-wave monitoring, adaptive correction of the wave height, control of PCB warpage and automatic adjustment of the z-axis.


The IS-PhotoScan software enables solder programs to be quickly and easily designed, off location. Our modular designed systems allow exact matching to assembly requirements, whilst multiple solder pots allow switching between different alloys.


Multi-wave technology enables more assemblies in less time. Still not fast enough? Then add on the IS-I-460 to connect various modules in in series.


These machines all feature a small footprint, whilst not decreasing performance.  Our smallest system only needs 1m2 of floor space!


INCREDIBLE FEATURESInterSelect Soldering System


Process Camera

The live-video camera shows nozzle and solder wave.

Automatic Solder-Wire-Feeder with Level-Sensor

A floater, monitored by a laser sensor, checks on the solder level and adds solder wire when it becomes low.

Wave Height Control

Using a laser sensor, the height of the solder wave is controlled automatically.

Data Logging

Multiple sensors monitor and capture all data, providing notifications when required.

Pyrometer-controlled Preheat

No need to profile the circuit board continuously, our laser pyrometer.


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