Introducing Inmatec Nitrogen Generators

Introducing Inmatec Nitrogen Generators

Create Nitrogen from compressed air.

Do you currently purchase bottled Nitrogen? If so, then you could be paying more than you need. Our new range of Nitrogen Generators deliver incredible cost savings faster than you might think.


“We switched to an Inmatec Generator a year ago, and couldn’t believe the cost savings – it’s paid for itself in under a year! We were so impressed we became the sole distributor in the NZ market.”

Sam Fulton, Sales and Marketing Director

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So how does it work? 

Basically, the nitrogen generators produce nitrogen from compressed air available on-site or supplied by specific dedicated air compressor.

Firstly, the air is cleaned by preliminary filtration which eliminates impurities such as humidity, oil vapours, particles and hydrocarbon. The filtrated compressed air flow is then subsequently fed into the “carbon molecular sieve” (CMS) filter. During its passage though the filter, oxygen- and carbon dioxide molecules are eliminated from the air and the pressure dew point is lowered.

As a result, we have a clean and dry flow of high purity nitrogen gas which can be used not only for InterSelect’s selective soldering machines, but for many other applications.

Air pressure, air pressure temperature, nitrogen purity and nitrogen pressure are monitored accurately and continuously. The nitrogen generators adopt “Pressure swing absorption” technology (PSA) which enables in-house nitrogen supply purity of up to 99.999% (Quality 5.0). Now that’s pure!

Eight advantages of generating your own Nitrogen?

    1. Very cost effective
    2. Plug & Play – simple to set up
    3. High quality – 99.999% purity
    4. Perfectly matched for InterSelect’s selective soldering solutions, as well as other applications
    5. Increased availability of Nitrogen, when and where you want it
    6. Easy and seamless Nitrogen handling
    7. Constant purity measurement ensures consistent high quality supply
    8. Reduced safety hazards in handling cylinders as well as no handling costs

Why Choose Interselect?

    • Inmatec solutions are made in Germany using the very best engineering to create a very high quality product.
    • Inmatec has a worldwide network of technicians to assist its customers. As well as selling Interselect products, Fero is now also a service agent here in NZ.
    • All nitrogen generators come with a standard 1 year warranty (with options of extending).
    • Inmatec Nitrogen Generators feature a low-maintenance, compact design

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