Do you want to work at Fero?

July 20, 2015

Do you want to work at Fero?

Every employer knows how important it is to have great staff. Finding the right people can at times be difficult on a small island like New Zealand. That’s why Fero has teamed up with Knowhow to develop a specific Fero careers site. The new site will enable us to better fit candidates to jobs, and ensure that Fero continues to have excellent staff.

If you would love to work at Fero, then take a look here and see what’s available.

July 15, 2015

Supply Chain Management | Getting the best of both worlds

As many of you already know, Fero’s been gaining a few column inches recently, talking to the press about the moves that many companies are making in bringing their product sourcing and manufacturing back to New Zealand. We’re passionate about New Zealand manufacturing, so of course it’s a trend we’re delighted to see. Not just because it helps our bottom line, but also because it’s simply the RIGHT thing to do. The arguments for and the perceived saving from manufacturing in China often don’t stack up.


Automated wire crimpingBUT, all this does not mean that China is not a great option for certain businesses to source from and that there are not some fantastic benefits to be had by dealing with Chinese suppliers.


Our model does provide for a mix of supply. We know that it is hard to do business in China. We have been sourcing and manufacturing product there for more than 12 years now and we still are faced with significant frustrations.


We have built up solid relationships with our partners in China, and employ Chinese speaking staff, here in Auckland, to discuss our requirements with their Chinese counterparts. We source products from there, on behalf of our clients, taking responsibility for the supply chain and ensuring that products are delivered on time and in spec.


If events conspire against us and there are issues in the Chinese supply chain, then we can step in and deliver locally until the situation is resolved.


The model that we have developed allows us to use our knowledge and experience to find the best supply option on or off shore, often a mix of both. By linking the best in local manufacture with the best in offshore supply we are able to manage a customers total manufacturing requirements. We can easily cover the larger run, low cost, stable product, whilst balancing against requirements for short leadtime, low MOQ, and changing specs.


Greg and Sam Fulton | Directors at FeroOur customers feedback to us that it enables them to have total faith in supply, whilst also getting very competitive pricing. With Fero managing the process, we ensure customers a secure supply chain, take responsibility for delivery, and ensure the flexibility that manufacturers require.

For those customers who found China just too hard, we can step in to manage the process, giving them the benefits of Chinese manufacturing, whilst outsourcing the headaches.

May 10, 2015

Fero launches new MRP System

Fero NZ - Active image

May is going to be a very big month for Fero. We’re making a change that will take us one huge step forward as a business and how we operate.


Our mission over the past few years has been ‘to contribute to the sustainability of local Australasian manufacturing and our customers’ ability to remain competitive on a world stage’.

 To help achieve this we have set a goal to provide a 5 day lead time with 98% DIFOTIS within the next 12 months. We’ll achieve this once we have launched our… new MRP system.


Very soon we’re introducing a sleek new system that will integrate all of our IT functions under the one umbrella.   For a couple of years we have known that we’re fast outgrowing the systems that we have been working with. In order for us to provide the accuracy, quality and service that our customers require we have identified the need to improve the way we drive the business.   We are now at that point and the implementation of this software has come at just the right time.


In order to continue to increase our efficiency, accuracy and productivity we know that we need a customisable system that is developed for a high mix, low volume manufacturing business such as ours. With our goal of a 5 DAY LEADTIME WITH 98% DIFOTIS within the next 12 months, it is imperative that we have an MRP system that can help us to deliver this. We will also need to work with our customers to ensure that we have some forward planning of resource and materials required for this leadtime.


Scoping and researching various solutions over a number of months, we settled on Abel Solutions. We feel that it gave us the best product for our business and in turn will ensure that we are able to provide an even better service to our customers. It was our requirement that whatever we used will contribute significantly to improving our delivery to the customer and our mission of ensuring local manufacturing sustainability and competitivity on the world stage. We feel that Able will provide that and more!


The last 4 months have been very busy with data transfer, customisation, and training to ensure a seamless transition. In May we will go live and we are looking forward to have a host of functions that will greatly increase our internal efficiency and delivery of a superior service to our customers.


Your feedback please.


Unfortunately we are very aware that we do not live in a perfect world and that any major change to software can cause some interruption to the business. If you do see anything that is not working well please let us know. We have worked very hard to ensure that there will be no major issues, however there could be some minor oversights and we will be able to fix once we become aware of them.


Fero NZ - Feedback


You should see very little change in the way that we interact with you. There will be a slightly different look to some documents such as order confirmations etc, however we want to ensure no disruption to business as usual.


At Fero we are looking forward to working with a new system that will make our lives a lot simpler and will ensure that we continue to lead the market in service, quality and delivery.

May 10, 2015

Cutting Capacity Doubles

Fact: To supply the Australiasian market and ensure sustainability of local manufacture we need to be able keep our customers lean.

At Fero, we have always been very aware of where the constraint in our production is. The products we are manufacturing all start with the same process and any holdups in this area can make it difficult for us to achieve our promised delivery times.


Our constraint is also magnified by the fact that frequent tool changes are required and the mix of work going through can have a huge impact. With the growth that we have sustained over the last 3 years we have been close to capacity in this area a number of times and we know that to continue to grow, and especially to achieve our goal of A FIVE DAY LEAD TIME we need to increase capacity in this area.


Fero NZ - Blog

You may have already guessed that I am talking about our wire cutting process. Anyone who has toured our facility will be aware that we have significant resource and space dedicated to cutting, with four machines chomping away all day.


Fero NZBig News

I am now pleased to announce that we have a 5th machine. All the way from Schleuniger in Switzerland is our new superstar machine. This machine will not only double our cutting capacity, but also greatly reduce the demand on crimping, as it does it all!




Faster Turnarounds

The beauty of this machine is that it has very fast tool changes.   Being suppliers to the Australasian market means we’re often faced with small run work that requires frequent tool changes. To date it can take up to 20mins per change. The same changes on the new machine can be done in under 1min! The plan is to leave the larger run work on the older machines where there will be less set up time required and do all the short runs on the new machine with its fast turn around.


Improved QA

Added to the increased efficiency there are some very impressive integrated quality processes that will not allow crimping to progress unless preset quality measurements are met, therefore ensuring even higher quality levels and traceablility for our clients.Fero NZ Blog


This is a very exciting development for Fero and will give us the ability to deliver on our goal of a 5 day lead time. With this development, and more that we are implementing this year, we feel that we are able to offer the best service and quality possible.


April 1, 2015

Simple ways to reduce crimp failure or cost issues.

The quality of a single termination can affect the operation of an entire electronic product, and that can cost companies thousands in Returns and other issues.

Fero - Crimping ToolsAt Fero, we understand manufacturing and assembly. Attention to detail is vital in ensuring smooth running of operations and products. We work through supply chain and engineering issues with clients using ‘fit for purpose’ principles, thereby minimising longer term issues in the solutions we provide.

Follow these simple tips to enhance your manufacturing design:

  1. Select the correct crimp and match it accurately to the wire size you are using.
    It seems obvious doesn’t it, but you would be surprised how often it happens. Always ensure you have the right type of crimp for the job and that it fits the wire correctly.
  2. Consider carefully the make and type of terminal you are specifying as many are only available in high MOQ’s and with long lead times. They may originally be available in small quantities to get you to the proto type stage but once in production we face the real issues. Fero is very happy to offer advice on whether you are considering common types of terminals that will not cause you problems later on. As we all are aware it is very hard to change terminals and connectors later that may need to be backwards compatible with your machinery or product.
  3. Crimping methods must be considered. We often face the difficulties in getting machinery to crimp unusual terminals and the costs associated start to become very relevant if we are not able to fully automate cutting of wires and automatic crimping. Once again Fero can offer advice on whether we can fully automate and utilize not only the lower costs but can ensure repeatability and quality of terminations using sophisticated “crimp force analysis” machinery in the crimping process.
  4. Pre-insulated terminals versus standard QC type (series 250) 6.3 tab or whatever you are used to calling the range of terminals. Pre-insulated terminals are great for auto electricians and low voltage systems, BUT they do not really compare to the quality of crimps associated with rollover type crimp terminals consistently crimped by purpose built applicators with full capability studies done to ensure full conductor compaction. Post fit insulators can then look after the insulation and you can ensure you have crimping that can handle medium voltage 110~240v and higher current without arcing. Air presses or hand tools through either PVC of Nylon hide a multitude of sins. We can also only fully automate the superior types of terminals so costs to you are lower.
  5. Having said that we have invested in more pre-insulated terminals and machinery as the customer is the ultimate decision maker.
  6. Carefully design form and fit for purpose. Don’t be tempted to rush it – time spent here is worth it. Remember the old saying measure twice, cut once? It’s as true in electrical engineering and hi tech manufacture!
  7. Determine the optimal temperature rating for your product and design around this to ensure working efficiency and a quality product.
  8. Match the physical properties of the crimp to the environment it will be used. Sourcing the right product and understanding how and where it will be used are a vital part of what we do to ensure a quality long term solution to our client’s needs.

Fero - crimped wire imageFero has provided electrical manufacturing solutions to the hi tech industry since 1987. Our team of engineers work tirelessly to design the right solutions and then our production teams assemble them quickly and carefully. It’s a simple process that has stood the test of time and maintained long term customer retention.

We deliver the following important services for our clients

  • Product design and specification with formalised worksheets
  • Process control – QA, capability and maintenance of high standards of production
  • Matching process to run size
  • Automated processes to reduce error and speed up production
  • Testing and sampling – in-house engineer to develop samples and test for standards and tolerances e.g. pull off testing.

To see more of work and understand how we work with our customers, click here to visit our website.

March 3, 2015

Fero Strategic Development

“To be the first choice in connectivity in the Australasian Manufacturing Industry”

Fero - Strategic growthThere has been a lot of thought going into our business here at Fero lately. We are about to enter into another period of growth and development and the end goal has been clearly outlined for us.


To communicate strategy is never an easy task, especially for a business as complex as ours. To start with an overall goal is never a bad way to go.

Ours is:




The reason that this is such a great way to outline our strategy is that there is so much that cascades down from it. For instance in order to achieve this we must have;


  • Data accuracy. Our stock and BOMs must be 99% accurate.
  • Complete reliability. For our customers to be working to such short lead times our DIFOTIS must be at 100%
  • Deep and lasting relationships. We need to be working in a partnership type relationship with our customers
  • World class facilities
  • A highly engaged workforce
  • Focus on lean business practices
  • Robust forecasting processes

fero - Strategy

We have spent the last few months investing considerable time and resource into developing a detailed strategic plan that will continue to set us apart from the competition.   It takes a lot of focus to implement significant strategic change while still continuing with business as usual, however our desire to be a company of continuous improvement is becoming engrained in our culture and we feel we are on the right track.


Last month we kicked off our Lean Journey. Our whole team has now undergone a detailed and intensive training course and are excited to get going with a number of initiatives. We have a number of customers that are already a long way down the road with their lean journeys and we have been able to learn a lot from them and see some real benefits in reducing waste in our business and increasing value to our customers.


In the next couple of months we will be commissioning machinery that will see up to 50% increases in our capacity and ability to deliver high quality, cost effective solutions to the local manufacturing market, with very quick turn around times.


Fero - Customer Survey ImageSignificant input from the recent customer survey that we ran has gone into our strategic development. We understand that manufacturing is not an easy business and that there are some common issues that we need to help solve.

  • We will be working to make our engineering team much more accessible to our customers, so that we can use our knowledge and experience to help solve your problems.
  • With the best of intentions there are always those urgent requirements, we want to be able to supply to our customers to ensure that manufacturing time is not lost on waiting for sub assemblies
  • Reliability is paramount and the ability of suppliers to Deliver In Full, On Time, In Spec can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Local manufacture is very important these days and we must be able to produce world class products in New Zealand that allow us to keep competing, and dominating, on the world stage. On the other side of the coin we must also have the ability to source from global markets to ensure that we are delivering what we need to ensure success.


It is going to be a great year for Fero, and one that sets us up to really provide the best service to the manufacturing industry. We know where we need to go and how to get there, and I look forward to keeping you updated.

February 2, 2015

Customer Survey Results

The first step in exceeding your customers expectations is to know those expectations.   Roy Hollister Williams

It is with this quote ringing in our ears that we embarked on finding out what our customers thought about us. We created a survey and then asked all our customers to complete it, as honestly as they could. Were we a little nervous? Of course. As a business we’ve had our fair share of problems and issues, but we really felt that we’d overcome these over the last few years and that our business had seen growth as a result of a clearer focus on our core competencies, resulting in top service and quality.

Research for discoveryWe wanted to discover a little more about you and drill down a little further into what you like and dislike about working with Fero. This wasn’t an exercise in stroking our own ego’s, but rather an important step in understanding the issues and making changes to our business accordingly. We didn’t expect to hear all good news, and we have clearly heard what we need to be working on!

Overall I was not surprised with the results.  We feel that we are ahead of our competition in most areas but still have some way to go to become the benchmark for the industry.  Fero will lead the industry as “the first choice in connectivity”, and this survey helps us to see where our efforts are best focused in achieving this vision.


diagram showing good results in service82% of customers see Fero as being very or extremely professional. 

88% believe they have a good or very good relationship with Fero.

86% of customers think that Fero understands their needs quite or extremely well.

Personally I would like to be in the mid 90’s for these measures.  I feel that they are key indicators of performance and market perception and we need to be higher.

Delivery on time is critical to our customers and to our ongoing mission of supporting “sustainable local manufacture and ensuring that NZ manufactures are leaders on the world stage.” At the moment we have been rated at 92% for delivery on time.  I feel that this is close to where we want to be sitting.  Our goal this year is to have a DIFOTIS rating of over 95% and we are well on the way to achieving that.

Somewhat disappointingly only 50% said that Fero’s quality was better than the competitors, 43% said that it was the same, and 7% thought it was somewhat worse.  In our industry quality is very important and we need to ensure that we are leading the market in this area.  7% gives us a strong message that there is improvement to be made here.

75% of our customers thought that our service is better than the competition.  While it is reassuring to be this far ahead of the rest, a goal of at least 85% has been set.

THE POWER OF RECOMMENDATIONImportance of word of mouth

We firmly believe that a good indicator of how well you’re doing in business is whether your customers are prepared to recommend you. After all, NZ is a small country and word-of-mouth is vital to success. So, we were delighted that 86% of customers said they would happily recommend us to a colleague. And we ask you to tell as many of your colleague about us as you’re able, in 2015.



importance of adding valueFero has core competencies and experience in a broad number of areas. It’s important to us that customers benefit from our experience, so we were delighted that 80% of respondents believe that we add value to their business. This takes us beyond being simply a supplier, and more towards being a partner.  When assessing relationships they range from the bottom, being price based relationships, to the ultimate of being strategic partners.  Moving forwards as a business, we want to focus more on long term partnership relationships, in which we feel we can make a real difference to a customers’ business; a relationship with open dialogue and mutual understanding.


What customer love about feroWe asked you to highlight the main benefit of working with Fero and were delighted with what you had to say. Key words kept coming up again and again, so we analysed them and placed them in a word cloud where the size of the word is linked to the number of times it was used in your feedback. You acknowledged how important it is that we’re local, the strength of our relationship and that we offer good quality. We work hard at developing our customer relationships and continue to invest in QA to ensure quality – thanks for noticing!

On the subject of our account managers, the feedback was very positive here too.  As you can see from the below diagram they are definitely doing more than drinking coffee all day, and it is very satisfying to see that we have a team who have great relationships with our customers.

What customers love about FeroWe received some very clear messages in terms of what you want to see us improve and change.  Two subjects continually popped up in your comments.

  1. Leadtimes.  You want these to be shorter.  We hear this loud and clear and as part of our strategic planning we are working out how we can provide a turn around that cannot be equalled in the market.  More on this in future correspondence.
  2. You want us to help with better solutions.  Somehow word has got out that we have a bunch of engineers that know their stuff.  You have asked that we provide more technical expertise to help you with key issues and provide answers through our engineering team.

When asked what we could do to make your business more profitable you all told us to drop our prices…(I think we walked into that one) however when compared to our competitors, 50% of you said our prices were about the same and 31% said they were lower to a great deal lower.  It is not easy to provide better service and quality than the rest at lower prices but we seem to be doing it!

When asked what frustrates you when dealing with Fero, 80% said nothing!  89% of you were satisfied with Fero as a supplier to your business.

I am glad to be able to provide a summery of the results of the survey.  If anyone would like a full report then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 021 889 691 or at

We all appreciate the feedback and will be using it to continue to improve our delivery to you.

November 6, 2014

The Team Vibe@Fero


 Fero’s staff make the difference.

We firmly believe that there’s a direct correlation between contented staff and happy customers. Recently we invested in getting some feedback from our team on how they were feeling about working at Fero. We’re sharing these results with you because we believe it sets us apart from many of our competitors, and explains why and how we do such a great job.


Happy staff care about the work they do. They enjoy coming to work and are interested and motivated to do well, and to see the company do well as a result.


Happy staff stay with companies for longer, and that experience provides a better service to customers.

54% of staff have been with us over 3 years


Over half of our staff have been with us for over 3 years – that’s a huge amount of experience that we’re able to plough back into the work we do for our customers, whether assembling wiring looms on our production line or our engineering team collaborating on design blueprints. This result is even more exceptional when you consider how fast Fero has grown – in the last 3 years we have increased our workforce from 40 to 60!


85 satisfied85% of our staff said they were satisfied with working at Fero and 87% said they were satisfied in their role within the company. A massive 90% said they backed us in the journey towards even greater success and are motivated to see us grow. We like to recognise the good work of our staff, and it’s obviously working as 78% feel satisfied with the recognition they receive at work.





Any army needs good leaders. 85% felt that our senior managers demonstrate a commitment to quality, which should be reflected in the completed work you receive from us. 82% felt very happy with their manager, whilst 76% felt valued by their direct supervisor.



When we asked our team what one thing they loved about working at Fero, here’s what they had to say!

What do you love about working at Fero


We’re delighted with the results of the survey, and we’ll be running it each year in order to measure how we’re doing against this benchmark. We’d like to say to all our staff for making Fero a great place to work, and for continuing to deliver exceptional work to our customers.


Thank You








September 22, 2014

Believing in Hi Tech Manufacturing.

Making NZ attractive to the best global talentI was recently going through old emails and came across a video of the late Sir Paul Callaghan speaking about what we can do to grow a better NZ for future generations, and what common myths there are out there that are holding us back from this. I watched it again, twice!

I felt that, even though this is about 3 years old, it is still very relevant to us today and even more so after such a tumultuous election. With all the hype and distraction from people more focused on trying to propound conspiracy theory and their own agendas, than what is working for NZ and what needs working on, we missed a lot of rhetoric about what we need to do to make a better NZ. Hopefully the ‘cusp of something great’ that John Key describes will have a lot to do with the development of niche technology manufacturing, of which NZ is so good at and which is so good for NZ, and the retention of good talent to our shores.

With all that we hear from the media these days on the importance of different industry sectors to our economy, it is very important that we understand the contribution that hi- tech manufacturing makes to the economy and the huge potential there is in this sector.

“Manufacturing is our biggest industry and probably the only one that can be grown sustainably and significantly.”

We are a country of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. We punch well above our weight on a world scale in all that we do. Hi Tech Manufacturing fits the New Zealand culture, it is what we have always been good at and what will drive our economy forward, making this the place that everyone wants to live in.

Attracting talent to New Zealand must be a focus of our industry. The flow of talent off shore has been stemmed but we must keep attracting more. If New Zealand’s mission statement is ‘to be a place that talent wants to live’ then the manufacturing sector must lead this.

attracting talent to NZAt Fero, we are always looking to attract talent. We know that we are only as good as our team. In the last 18 months we have gone through significant growth and as we grow our team to meet this demand, we are always asking how do we get the most talented people on board?
Recently we have relaunched our website and have put our core beliefs out there for all to see. More than just a mission statement, our core beliefs are why we get out of bed in the morning, what makes us feel that we are working towards a higher purpose than just producing high quality, cost effective wiring technology solutions. We feel we are here because ‘ we believe that sustainable local manufacture should thrive and NZ manufacturers should be leaders on the world stage’

A lot of the top technology manufacturers in NZ are customers of Fero. We want more, and to do that we have to work with our customers to help get them there. We need to attract talent to our company so that we can deliver the service and products that our customers need to be ‘leaders on the world stage’.

We know this is going to create a better New Zealand, which is great because this is where we live and play.
We know this is going to create a more prosperous New Zealand. More jobs is not enough, we need better jobs, and Hi Tech Manufacturing provides this

Callaghan lays down a challenge to us: To be leaders in growing New Zealand and making it a better place to live, more sustainably. Hi Tech Manufacturing has the ability to lead NZ and contribute above all others in making New Zealand the place where we all want to live.

Watch the video

August 26, 2014

Collaborative Manufacturing


Fero has its roots in OEM component supply and Wire Harness manufacturing and today can provide a complete collaborative design and manufacturing service from Concept to completion.


How we do itBLog_Thinking

Fero values intellectual capital and has a history of successful collaboration with other manufacturers and designers. Our approach is based on conceptualization and collaboration to provide solutions. Each project has unique challenges that must be overcome. Whilst applying a disciplined planning and design process we are able to tailor our approach to ensure that we find the best possible outcome for the brief.

Through our experience in manufacturing and our detailed understanding of key areas such as look and feel, design for manufacture (DFM) , functionality and commercialisation we are able to tailor solutions across a wide range of applications.


BLog_CollaborateCollaborative Manufacturing

Fero supports a concept of collaborative manufacturing using our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturing partners. We have the belief that no one is better suited to do what they do than those who specialise in it. By bringing these entities together we can manage the project through a number of processes that ensure a quality and cost effective solution. Professional project management, in house engineering and manufacturing services mean that we can react quickly and effectively and reduce the time taken for most projects.

BLog_penConcept to Commercialisation

Through an understanding of every facet of the process including aesthetics ,form and fit , functionality , market channel s, and distribution Fero can provide a total service to manage projects and product development in the domestic, industrial and consumer product sectors.
A very special part of Fero service is our unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of service across all spheres of our business. Acordingly we have developed a specialist model to assist with commercialisation of ideas and designs. This enables us to quickly evaluate and cost projects and provides a structured planned approach to the end result, thus effectively maximising your return on investment and allowing you plan your expenditure over the whole phase of the project.