Fero Samoa

Fero is in the unique position to offer clients assembly and sub-assembly expertise from their production and manufacturing base in Samoa.


Why choose Fero Samoa?

One of the key concerns with Manufacturing offshore for Fero has been that we have not had any ownership of the plants that we are manufacturing in. This means that we have not had the level of control that we would like. This control ranges from scheduling and expediting urgent jobs, to material sourcing and quality, and most importantly the ability to change designs.

In 2017, we bought the old OE manufacturing plant in Samoa which was used to service the Australian Automotive industry.  This plant was established over 25 years ago and has been supplying to some of the most demanding customers on the planet. We have now put our own values and beliefs into the operation which has enabled us to offer clients a world class facility with a highly experienced team.

Fero Samoa Production Plant

The facility is world class and we have managed to build a very successful operation off shore not only in wire harnessing but in sourcing and assembly work too. We know that we have a great opportunity,and we are working continuously with all stakeholders to ensure that the capabilities and capacity to supply significant product to the Australasian manufacturing industry is maintained and grown.

Fero Samoa Production

An experienced team

The team that we have established is hugely experienced in wire harness manufacture and highly trained in lean manufacturing techniques that ensure high levels of quality and productive delivery. We have local expertise with some staff having over 26 years experience in the wire harness industry. The senior management team that we have established is also very experienced and has over 50 years of experience in this industry.

Fero Samoa Production

Quality assurance

Fero has employed many of the staff from the previous automotive supplier that operated in Samoa for over 25 years. This team maintained a 100% quality delivery schedule over the past 4 years, and was recognised and praised by the head of one of the largest Japanese car manufacturers. It’s an incredible statistic and testament to the team’s dedication and attention to detail.


Fero has a team of over 75 staff operating in Samoa with a management team that fully expects to be employing over 500 staff within the next 5 years. Both the staff, and the facility in which they operate, has been chosen to deliver growth.


Assembly in Samoa gives Fero customers the ability to secure much lower MOQs whilst delivering fast turnarounds due to the country’s proximity to both Australia and New Zealand.

 A division of Fero New Zealand

Fero Samoa is wholly owned by Fero in New Zealand. We bring our experience in managing projects, engineering expertise and our production systems, then combine it with a vastly experienced and enthusiastic local team. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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