Collaborative Manufacturing

Collaborative Manufacturing


Fero has its roots in OEM component supply and Wire Harness manufacturing and today can provide a complete collaborative design and manufacturing service from Concept to completion.


How we do itBLog_Thinking

Fero values intellectual capital and has a history of successful collaboration with other manufacturers and designers. Our approach is based on conceptualization and collaboration to provide solutions. Each project has unique challenges that must be overcome. Whilst applying a disciplined planning and design process we are able to tailor our approach to ensure that we find the best possible outcome for the brief.

Through our experience in manufacturing and our detailed understanding of key areas such as look and feel, design for manufacture (DFM) , functionality and commercialisation we are able to tailor solutions across a wide range of applications.


BLog_CollaborateCollaborative Manufacturing

Fero supports a concept of collaborative manufacturing using our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturing partners. We have the belief that no one is better suited to do what they do than those who specialise in it. By bringing these entities together we can manage the project through a number of processes that ensure a quality and cost effective solution. Professional project management, in house engineering and manufacturing services mean that we can react quickly and effectively and reduce the time taken for most projects.

BLog_penConcept to Commercialisation

Through an understanding of every facet of the process including aesthetics ,form and fit , functionality , market channel s, and distribution Fero can provide a total service to manage projects and product development in the domestic, industrial and consumer product sectors.
A very special part of Fero service is our unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of service across all spheres of our business. Acordingly we have developed a specialist model to assist with commercialisation of ideas and designs. This enables us to quickly evaluate and cost projects and provides a structured planned approach to the end result, thus effectively maximising your return on investment and allowing you plan your expenditure over the whole phase of the project.


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